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Sony creates a flexible OLED screen 9.9 inches and comes in SID

Sony creates a flexible OLED screen 9.9 inches and comes in SID

was the first to manufacture an OLED display, so it is not surprising that now has made a OLED 9.9 inches in the technology fair SID 2012. Thus, the Nippon is positioned in front of Sharp, LG and Samsung are also working on this.

The screen in question is 9.9 inches – a bit big to have this feature – has a resolution of 960 X 540 pixels, which translates to the number of inches at 111ppi. Although this is not your forte, consider that this is a really great flexible panel.

This panel adds white to RGB matrix present in the LG OLED TVs and also uses TFT technology IGZO Sharp also introduced some time ago.

Moreover, note that this panel was not physically present teaching skills, but was shown by a VAIO laptop that was in this fair.

With respect to feasibility, the Sony are evaluating whether this technology could lead to real products. However, the Nippon sure going to keep playing with this possibility and who knows in an integrated longer see this feature in our next TV or mobile device why not.

Link: Sony Creates Flexible 9.9-inch OLED panel (Geek)

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