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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in SmartPhones, Updates | 0 comments

Sony ensures updates to Jelly Bean for February

Sony ensures updates to Jelly Bean for February

Good and bad for phone users – and Sony Ericsson, of course.

First the good. Japan has said that the Xperia U, and V XT to receive half of Q1 2013. This, translated into simple words, spoken as February date set to achieve anticipated Update to Jelly Bean. This wave of updates added Xperia S, acro S, Xperia ion, Xperia S, Xperia go and, although there is no confirmed date for the latter receive their upgrade.

Now, the bad … Surely you saw it coming, but if you have a team launched in 2011 will have to get used to Ice Cream Sandwich, as 4.0.4 is the latest version of Android you can officially install on your phone, ending this way with the official support for the latest equipment launched.

“Beyond the we are unable to guarantee the owners of these smartphones use experience that we expect and demand,” they said.

On computers that can be upgraded, these are the dates for releasing managed updates “open” without operator customizations.

As always, every time an update is delivered to customers either telco, must go through a tedious process of amending certain aspects of the ROM to be according to your requirements. After approval, recently released to the end user … Yes, this sucks, but is delaying the possible arrival of a new version of software to the customer. If the deadlines are not met, you know who to blame.

Link: Continuing Android software upgrades – Jelly Bean for 2012 Xperia â„¢ smartphones (Sony Xperia Product Blog)

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