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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Accessories, Companies, Patents | 0 comments

Sony seeks patent for a stylus concept

Sony seeks patent for a stylus concept

In the race of smartphones that has more wins vision. Therefore, the giants of the tech world spend much of their energy to gain in many cases things do not even exist yet. That is this new move by Sony.

This is a for touch screens, often dubbed as stylus, which not only emit the pulse to give orders to the teams, but also receive your feedback. In more technical language, we are talking about “haptic feedback”.

Viewed in the simplest way, the prototype that has imagined and for which a patent has been applied for, is a pencil with sensors, receivers and a tip “ball” moving more or less resistance to direct the team through its screen, similar to what Samsung has tried to increase its friction Stylus Note S2.

But, why would something like this? Simple: the structure could be more like the feeling of writing with a pen on paper and that familiarity would help the user in its development with the touchscreen.

In theory, this idea could be strengthened to a level at which the pen is able to catch and manipulate elements within scenarios presented in the device such as a video game.

However, in case of getting the patent, how long does a manufacturer would be able to reach a development like this? And, better yet, do we want a development like this or we are happy enough with our capacitive and handle their current forms?

Link: Sony Applies for Patent fot friction with stylus-based haptic feedback. (Android Authority)

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