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Sony SmartWatch 2 [sight]

Sony SmartWatch 2 [sight]

retries the smart watch market has some kind of market, amid rumors that suggest Apple develop something similar, or Google Glass present, the new Sony SmartWatch 2. This device and filter had seen it , but finally announced its existence.

There are by now many more extra features than the previous version, the differences of this second generation are now integrates NFC to pair the watch with your SmartWatch, making it much easier than having to search through a long list of Bluetooth 3.0 devices, while still using this technology in lower power version for data exchange. We also find news in notifiacaciones function that Sony still have to list, in addition to following the trend in the Xperia range Z of being waterproof.

Sony SmartWatch 2 [sight] image 2

The truth is that to get this weight notice an improvement compared to the first generation, although in size remains the same, even in size and resolution 1.6-inch screen and 220 x 176 pixels, this little clock whose function surely be the event to notify you on your mobile and you can control the music from your screen. Sony says it has up to 20 developers creating small applications SmartWatch 2 and hoping to reach the 200 applications available, but for now its use is the most basic.

Sony says it is not an exclusive device for phones from Sony, but it will work with any device with Android 4.2 installed, opening the market to other competitors. We could have more thoroughly tested this “clock” but the unit was present at the launch of Madrid worked at times to be a development version, but definitely as a barely noticeable or large heavy watch.

Although no final specification of battery, it seems that it achieves the four days of “normal” use, but if you make heavy use, we understand that with the use of Bluetooth 3.0 is low latency though, your battery should be completed much earlier.

Like the Xperia Z Ultra , we continue with the question of price, but if you’ve set the date of sale to Europe beginning mid-September.

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