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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Featured, Reviews | 0 comments

Sony Xperia U Review

Sony Xperia U

Our protagonist has a camera with LED flash 5Mpx built, having the ability to capture 720p HD video quality and also has a VGA front camera. All this powered by a Dual-core 1GHz, together with 512MB of RAM and a screen LED-backlit 3.5-inch LCD with a resolution of 480 X 854 pixels.

Let’s start!


2G Network: GSM GPRS EDGE 850/900/1800/1900

3G Network: UMTS HSDPA HSUPA 850/1900/2100

4G: Not Available

Dimensions: 112 x 54 x 12 mm, weight 110 grams

Display: LED-backlit LCD with BRAVIA Engine 3.5-inch 16 million colors. It is of capacitive type, 16:9 image aspect and resolution 480 X 854 pixels with a density of 280 per inch.

Storage: 4GB

Platform: OS 2.3.7 Gingerbread, hoping to soon upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Chipset: STE U8500

Processor: Cortex-A9 Dual-Core 1GHz

Graphics: Mali-400MP

RAM: 512MB

Camera: 5 Megapixel (2592 X 1944) with LED flash, 702P HD video recording, image stabilizer, manual or continuous auto focus, face detection and smile and 3D panoramic sweep. Front camera with VGA resolution

Connector: MicroUSB standard high speed and output audio jack 3.5 mm

Wireless connections: Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g /, Wi-Fi Hotspot, DLNA, USB On-The-Go and A-GPS

Battery: 1320 mAh External, Model BA600, Li-Lion, operating at 3.7 volts.

Other: Timescape user interface, FM radio with RDS, will be upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, among others.


The Sony has a design very special thanks to the transparent layer is at the bottom which draws much attention and gives a touch of elegance to your computer. It also has a backlight with three multicolored LED lighting that will change color according to the images to be displayed on the screen. This part includes the icons of the touch keys Backspace, Home and Options. One thing to clarify is that many people think that this part transparent icons where they are tactile, but those people are wrong, and that above these icons are three points that are tactile and this is where you must press and not directly the icons.

I personally liked the design enough, the same size and weight are ideal for day to day, is lightweight and very comfortable to carry, especially in his pockets. Another good thing is the materials design, one notices that are of very good quality, but is plastic with a rubber cover, giving you greater security when making the team with his hands.

Begin to Review their design, side by side:

In the front are mainly its 3.5-inch display, which unfortunately is a fingerprint magnet and often dirty very easily, so I recommend that you buy a protective film if you plan to purchase this equipment. Above we see the familiar logo SONY with the headset, ambient light sensor and proximity, and finally see the VGA camera for video calls.

Sony Xperia U image 2

Below we can see three points that are tactile and each functions as a backspace, home and choices. We also see the transparent icons which are the keys mentioned above, along with multicolor backlighting and finally see the XPERIA logo.

Sony Xperia U image 3

On the back of the computer, we can see 5Mpx camera with LED Flash and the main speaker. By removing the back cover of the team, you have access to the removable battery system, including access slot normal SIM card reader.

Sony Xperia U image 4

Sony Xperia U image 5

Laterally, specifically on the left side, only we find the microUSB port.

Sony Xperia U image 6

While on the right side you find the key on / off, then the volume keys and finally we have the key 100% dedicated to the camera.

Sony Xperia U image 7

Above the computer, see the 3.5 mm jack plug which emits the sound output and also the key on / off switch that also helps you to lock or unlock and additionally found a second microphone for stereo recording and noise calculation atmosphere during a call.

Sony Xperia U image 8

And finally we see the bottom of the computer where we can see the main microphone, followed by a hole for the strap.

Sony Xperia U image 9


The camera integrates the Xperia U is 5 megapixels, which is accompanied by an LED flash and is capable of 720p video recording with stereo sound at 30 frames per second, and integrate various options that allow you to have a better result when capturing a photo or video.

Sony Xperia U image 10


The Sony Xperia U capture your photos with a maximum resolution of 2592 x 1944, in addition to auto focus to perform better macros and integrate graphic effects, 3D options and various configuration profiles so your pictures come out perfectly. The camera also features an LED flash so you can capture pictures in low light there.

Sony Xperia U image 11

Available resolutions of the camera are:

5MP 2592 X 1944 (4:3)
3MP 2560 X 1440 (16:9)
2MP 1632 X 1224 (4:3)
2MP 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

The settings you have available the camera are quite extensive and will definitely help ye best results when capturing a photo. Here the detail below:

Capture Mode> Auto – Normal – Front camera – Sweep Panorama 3D – 3D Scanning from several angles – Sweeping panoramic

Scenes> Off – Portrait – Landscape – Night Scene – Night Portrait – Beach & Snow – Sports – Fiesta – Documents

Focus Mode> Auto Focus simple – multi auto focus – Face detection – Infinity – Touch Approach

ISO> Auto – 100 – 200 – 400 to 800

White balance> Auto – Incandescent – Fluorescent – Daylight – Cloudy

Smile Detection> Big Smile – Smile average – small smile – Disable

Sony Xperia U image 12

You can also adjust the LED flash, set the timer, adjust the exposure value, measurement, enable or disable the image stabilizer, set the shutter sound, enable or disable the geotagging and adjust the quick start.

Then we leave you with some test shots taken with our Sony Xperia U. Remember to click on them to see them in original size:

Sony Xperia U image 13

Sony Xperia U image 14

Sony Xperia U image 15

Sony Xperia U image 16

Sony Xperia U image 17


With the Sony Xperia S you can make video recordings with a maximum resolution of 1280 X 720 progressive (720p) in 16:9 and a speed of 30 frames per second as the highest quality. The video takes place in MP4 format to H.264/AVC codec and audio codec 6.056Kbps AAC at 128 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, Stereo.

Sony Xperia U image 18

The recording quality profiles that are available are:

720p HD 1280 x 720 – 16:9 – 30 fps – Audio AAC Stereo
FW 864 X 480 VGA – 16:9 – 30 fps – Audio AAC Stereo
VGA 640 x 480 – 4:3 – 29 fps – Audio AAC Stereo
QVGA 320 x 240 – 4:3 – 29 fps – Audio AAC Stereo
Multimedia Messaging 176 X 144 – 1.222 to 11 frames per second – AMR Audio Mono

As in the photo mode, here you can do some configurations to have a better outcome when making videos. Here the detail below:

Scene Mode> Off – Portrait – Landscape – Night – Beach & Snow – Sports – Fiesta

Focus Mode> Auto Focus simple – Face Detection – Infinity

Light support> On – Off

White balance> Auto – Incandescent – Fluorescent – Daylight – Cloudy

Measurement> Centre – Average – Point

Sony Xperia U image 19

You can also enable or disable image stabilization, change the shutter sound on or off the microphone, set a timer, and more.

Here we test with a video recorded with the Sony Xperia U:


With the Sony Xperia U can play virtually all your media without any problems. With it you can watch your favorite videos with the best image quality thanks to its 3.5-inch screen HD with BRAVIA Engine technology that gives you images with vivid colors and higher definition due to the ability to play HD videos in 720p. You can also play your favorite music with a new music player that Sony includes in its Xperia U.

Sony Xperia U image 20

Music Player

The new audio player that incorporates the Xperia U to the naked eye looks great, has a modern interface, elegant and also incorporates new features.

Sony Xperia U image 21

Now you get a 5-band equalizer completely customizable by the user, which delivers remarkable quality, and you can increase or decrease the bass effect thanks to Clear Bass. It also has pre-defined profiles which give you the detail below:

  • Heavy Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Only
  • Soul
  • Quiet music
  • Bass Amplifier
  • Tweeter amplifier
  • Personalized

Sony Xperia U image 22

It also incorporates surround effects:

Studio> Create the sound of a study
Club> Create the sound of a club
Concert Hall> Create concert hall sound

Sony Xperia U image 23

You also get direct access to browse for more information about the artist on Wikipedia, find the lyrics of the song on Google or search the music video on YouTube.

Sony Xperia U image 24

FM Radio

The Sony Xperia U features an FM radio receiver with RDS (Radio Data System).

Signal reception is pretty good, although we know it depends on the type of headphones that are occupied and the area where one is. As for sound quality, I must say that you hear quite well but lacks a little strength by volume.

The good news is that the integrated FM radio and Track ID application so you can easily identify the song being broadcast on the radio.

Sony Xperia U image 25

Video Player

The video player that incorporates the Sony Xperia U is not as complete in terms of settings but still saves. Plays 3GP, ASF, MOV, MP4 and WMV at a maximum resolution of 1280 X 720 at 30 frames per second. You can enable or disable the Mobile BRAVIA Engine which greatly improves the video quality, highlighting the colors, definition and shine.

You can also adjust the brightness, enable or disable the option to automatically rotate the screen according to the team’s position allows you to enable or disable animations and also lets you adjust the timeout of the backlight when you have a video paused.

Sony Xperia U image 26

I personally thought it was going to see some change around here but remains exactly equal to the interface that has a younger brother, the Xperia Arc S.


The Sony Xperia U has A-GPS (Assisted GPS) so you can use the Google Maps application that comes built into the operating system so you can know your current location or ask directions to a place.

Sony Xperia U image 29

But if you do not like Google Maps, you can download the application Wisepilot navigation, maps and find your current location. There is also Waze, a Social GPS which lets you make use of GPS equipment.

Sony Xperia U image 30

The team takes about 5 to 10 seconds to connect with satellites to determine your location, as long as you own an internet connection active. If you have no internet, the computer will take a little longer to connect.


The screen incorporates the Xperia U is the LED-backlit LCD with BRAVIA Engine and has a size of 3.5 inches. Its resolution is 480 X 584 with a density of 280 pixels per inch t 16 million colors. This display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, is of the capacitive and supports multi-touch.

Sony Xperia U image 31

The screen quality is excellent, has a very good brightness, excellent contrast and definition, although the colors are not as outstanding as one would expect. The sensitivity of multi-touch screen works very well and we find the famous “ghost” images when playing very fast or at the time of enjoying a game. We tested also in broad daylight and behaves very well.


The Xperia U has two sound sources: The headset and speaker.

The headset I must say I quite liked it because you sound delivers a clear and strong, which is not saturated at all if you put it at full volume, really remarkable to have this kind of audio calls.

Sony Xperia U image 32

The Sony Xperia U has a single speaker, so we appreciate the audio is in Mono. The speaker is located on the back of the computer, but thanks to a small curve that has the Xperia S in the back, the sound does not diminish when the computer is on a flat surface, so that is appreciated.

The audio quality delivered by the speaker is good. It gives you a crystal clear sound with very good bass and very loud sounds. The good thing is that to have the volume to near maximum, the sound does not bother at all and the audio is not distorted.

Sony Xperia U image 33

Operating System

Android Gingerbread 2.3.7 is the version of operating system which operates the Sony Xperia U. The good news is that this team will soon upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, because their hardware is compatible.

The system works very nicely, going very fast and I must say I thought it would not run so well, but the team surprised me. At no time gets slow and I dare say you have a very similar experience to be with a computer with 1.2 GHz processor

Home Screen

The Home Screen is fully customized by Sony Timescape interface and has 5 desktops that are fully customizable. You can customize with 3 animated backgrounds and 18 funds of “Xperia”. You can also change the graphic theme for another 7 created by Sony. You can also create shortcuts to your applications, create folders, shortcuts and widgets.

Sony Xperia U image 34


Over here we can see the contacts menu which has a different interface to that already seen in other family members Xperia. You can add enough information to a contact as Name, Last Name, add image, number, email, IM address, groups ringtone, management, organization, notes, alias, web site, birthday and anniversary.

Sony Xperia U image 35


The Media Gallery is the same as the Xperia includes S with the difference that here you will see a 3D section for those photos you’ve captured using the 3D panoramic sweep. Also continue to use graphic design made by Cooliris .

Sony Xperia U image 36

And other applications menu

Here you can see the main menu of the team:

Sony Xperia U image 37

Over here you can see the setup menu:

Sony Xperia U image 38

And here we have the numeric keypad:

Sony Xperia U image 39

We also have some unique applications of Sony you the detail below:

LiveWare Manager> This application is ideal for those who often use Bluetooth devices such as headsets or hands-free, and allows you to customize a profile for each device. For example, if you connect a Bluetooth headset, you can program the computer to start the music player automatically.

Power saver> With this application you can program the computer for some time to turn on or turn off some components. For example, at 18:30 I want to turn off the Bluetooth, turn on the Wi-Fi and turn off automatic synchronization.


The Sony Xperia U features Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA, Wi-Fi hotspot and DLNA.

In addition the team is capable of supporting GSM-GPRS-EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and HSDPA-HSUPA 800/900/1900/2100.

Sony Xperia U image 40

We liked how well it worked the issue of signal and coverage of the team, as it has a good signal reception and good data transfer speed. Also try it with DLNA to play video in HD (recorded from the same camera of Xperia U) and never had a break in play as it happened on other computers to have a low transfer rate. And finally we tried using it as Wi-Fi Hotspot and the speed was quite good too, but equally it also depends on the operator.

Sony Xperia U image 41

We tested the Xperia Bluetooth 2.1 U of transferring an MP3 file of 4.2 MB between our protagonist and Lumia Nokia 800 and the transfer was completed – according to our stopwatch – in 38 seconds.


Sony Xperia U image 42

Sony Xperia U image 43


The external battery for Sony Xperia U is of the type Li-Ion 1320 mAh operating at 3.7 volts and the battery according to the manufacturer offers a range of 260 hours of standby mode 2G and 472 hours in 3G. While in call mode get 7 hours in 2G and 3G mode 6 hours.

Sony Xperia U image 44

We tested the battery performance, starting charging the battery by leaving overnight. At 06:30 in the morning turn on the computer and it connects to internet immediately and so is the whole day. On leaving home, (06:45 – 97% battery) connect my Bluetooth headset and leave the player playing music with standard, while on the road doing my job I receive some emails and mentions on Twitter. (07:30 – 82% battery) came to the office and let the computer desktop on standby throughout the afternoon and sometimes I WhatsApp or chatting by using Twitter. (17:30 – 32% battery), I leave the office, connecting my Bluetooth headphones and listening to music again, while I’m using Twitter and WhatsApp. (19:00 – 11% battery) came to my house and the cellular and begins to realize that you have low battery.

In short, the battery lasts about 12.

Final opinion of the Author

The Sony Xperia U is a team that I personally liked, reminds me of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, a team that I had exquisite taste, but we could have the opportunity to do a review. The design is the same as its big brother, the Sony Xperia S, but with the difference that the team is smaller, more compact, more comfortable, and so on.

The quality of the screen, although it is smaller, is very good and not be uncomfortable when typing on your keyboard. The camera I was surprised, I expected to have lower quality but I was wrong, both in video and photos.

I also liked the audio, the speaker sounds great as the music played through headphones, complete and integrate an equalizer with several effects that significantly improve the sound.

And the operating system flies on this machine, it works great, one is not slow in the system and loads forever.

Would I buy this team? The answer is YES, because it is a very complete team, works very well and its price is not as expensive as one can imagine, I recommend it 100%.


The team is available at zero cost Entel plans from media and from CLP $ 199,990 in prepaid.

The Unmissable

  • Good camera
  • Good design
  • Good screen
  • Will be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Well-rounded team

The unpresentable

  • Only 4GB of memory and is expandable with MicroSD cards
  • The battery life is not the best
  • LED notification light barely visible


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