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Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes with 6.4 inch screen

Sony Xperia Z Ultra comes with 6.4 inch screen

has made a new move in the section on smartphones and tablets, with its latest releases such as the Xperia Xperia Z and Tablet tablet Z, a Japanese company lacked an intermediate to compete against other large like Samsung or Huawei, by that presented the new Sony Xperia Z phablet Ultra.

It is a 6.4-inch dispostiivo a full HD and a very thin body of just 6.5 millimeters thick, making it one of the slimmest on the market hybrid. Integrates a new 2.2 GHz processor from Qualcomm that is compatible with LTE networks. Among its features is its ability to support dives in the water, like the rest of the Xperia range Z.

Sony tries to enter a range of very complicated and it is practically new with some users who are always seeking larger screens to see content in the size you want. But we can not forget that Samsung is two generations in the market and has virtually all phablets market.

will be sold in black, white and purple.

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