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Sound familiar? Ericsson suing Samsung for patent infringement

Sound familiar?  Ericsson suing Samsung for patent infringement

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No doubt that will come on all fronts, as the last company that sued the Korean manufacturer is now Ericsson, who claim that Samsung has continued to use its mobile technology although the agreement expired and got a degree where its use.

comes after two years of failed negotiations with the Korean company. The head of the Intellectual Property Department of the Swedish company, Alfalahi Kasim, said: “Ericsson has tried hard and long to Samsung signs an agreement to determine rate (stands for ‘fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory’) . demand We resorted to as a last resort.

For its part, Samsung says it has every intention of reaching an agreement with Ericsson for its FRAND patents, but not with the terms offered by the Swedish company. “To renew the same portfolio of patents, Ericsson claimed a new royalty prohibitively high. As we can not accept a request so far, we will take legal measures to protect against the excessive application of Ericsson, “Samsung said in a statement.

Link: Ericsson Slaps Patent Suit With Samsung (All Things D)

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