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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Spain: Are you hooked to the phone?

Spain: Are you hooked to the phone?

How long can we be without looking at the phone screen? Are we unable to go to the bathroom without him? CPP, a company that offers insurance for mobile phones has made a study of addiction … to smartphones.

What have been taken into account? Respondents were 1,500 and analyzed the type of use made of mobile and habits we could use to try to avoid being stolen, lose or we are ruined.

In short: A third of the Spanish leads to the bathroom, if you send a message or call them … I think for some things are best solitude, but hey, maybe I’m wrong. 38% of the men are friendly to the bathroom while in the case of women, is 25%.

Only a quarter, 25%, unplug the phone at intimate moments with your partner. A 10% say that once a call or SMS the interrupted in moments of love. 18% of young people (between 18 and 24), say they do not care much to happen. However, only 5% of older people say they do not care.

We go to bed to sleep. The 28% off and not have it close. However 58% puts it on the table and uses alarm (myself included …). The 8% sent messages, talk or play and surf the Internet before going to sleep.

Bad combination: Highway and mobile. The 28% off or put on silent to avoid distractions. Well, I guess the important thing is to not take it. 55% use the speakerphone and 15% use of browser.

We are on the table. Do we ignore the phone? No. The 55% left on … and if it rings, answer. Even the 20% puts it on the table so as not to miss a single call. And a 5% eat and talk at once by telephone.

Go to the movies. What’s that ringing in the dark? Well probably the one moving part of the 36% who do not turn it off at the movies or the theater.

It’s time to rest at last vacation! 1.5% left the house to disconnect the rest … all with mobile! Why? 50% talk to friends and family, 24% to take pictures and 25% for hanging pictures on social networks, check email, check news …

Since also give useful tips to use your smartphone safely: Do not get written down the PIN, the phone automatically locks with password, do backups (most manufacturers offer software for each mobile phone model in its pages for us to go down the data to the PC), download the official site applications (and see what opinions are about them on the Web), connect to secure wireless networks (as you can imagine, in the Free rob us much easier ) …

With how important they are getting the phones in our lives because all we can do with them, the market and businesses around smart phones expands beyond repair: Games for mobile, mobile anti-virus and insurance companies dedicated to the mobile. Millions of euros and dollars on the move …

To give you an idea of which way the price in a matter of insurance for mobile phones: A coverage premium CPP covers theft (up to 510 euros (USD $ 639)), repair, use fraudulent calls (up to 1,200 euros (USD $ 1504 )), blocked SIM card and phone line, cover abroad, sending SMS to three contacts we choose and coverage for loss, we leave for 5.60 euros (USD $ 7) per month.

In order to decide whether we agree or not sure, depends on how important is the motivation for us, the data that we keep it and if we use a lot in our work.

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