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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Spain: Happy drench Pepephone Mobile and mobile warfare with its reduction of tariffs

Spain: Happy drench Pepephone Mobile and mobile warfare with its reduction of tariffs

The war between mobile in rages! A few days ago I spoke of the “fire” caused in the market by Telstra’s new rates , now is the turn of and Happy Mobile, the Mobile Virtual Network Operator of The Phone House, which drop their prices in response to the offer of Telstra.

As you read: In response to the “rate of 2″ launched late last week providing for 9 euros per month data plan and 1 Gb to 2 cents per minute (to any operator and any time), the people changed their Pepephone “The Rat” and “The Elephant”, which for 6.9 euros per month data plan and calls of 651 Mb to 1.9 cents / min.

Happy Mobile, meanwhile, has done the same, and further stirred the waters with its new rate “Speak and Surf 700″, which includes 6.90 euros per month to a maximum speed 700MB/mes calls to any operator at any time by 1.8 cents per minute, thus placed at the top in terms of economy is concerned.

As you can see, the differences are quite fair, so it’s up to each user to compare offers and choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Of course, that this decision will weigh heavily the fact that the reputation of each operator in terms of quality of service (coverage and customer service, for example), so hopefully after devoting efforts to pull prices now worry about maintaining a good quality of services they provide.

In my view this competition between operators can be beneficial for customers because we have more to choose from. Furthermore, facilities with respect to the issue of portability, since you retain your number and testing the service that best meets both quality and economy … do not you think?

Now the big question is: How big operators will react to this new onslaught of fees? If there are no subsidies in terminals , which was one of the hooks with which the operators have so far attracted (and then held for the months of tenure) to … How many customers will respond to this radical drop in rates? I bet you are launching a summer promotion. Do not think they will stand by watching as they emptied the database cliente.s

- Happy Mobile

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