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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

Spotify invites us to “discover” in its new update for iOS

for has received a new update that goes beyond the correction of some errors to improve application performance.

From now on all users of music streaming on the iPhone can access the “Discovery” or “Discover”, which basically gives the user different song recommendations based on your musical preferences inscribed in their playlists.

Furthermore, “Discovery” is not limited to the use of algorithms to build the selection, but makes recommendations based on new releases on Spotify, the popular music within the area in which the user and shared parts for the artists or people who follows. The update also comes with a new look for the display “Now Playing” and a new icon.

So far the update is only available on iPhone, so having Spotify on iPad or other devices will have to wait a little longer to receive additions. You can consult the specifications in the App Store .

Link: Spotify Takes On iTunes Radio With Launch Of “Discover” For iPhone (Tech Crunch)

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