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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Applications, SmartPhones, Updates | 1 comment

Spotify is updated to IOS with push notifications

Spotify is updated to IOS with push notifications

After completely renew its application for Android last month, now turn your version. In this new update, the application looks completely renovated, including the option of musical notifications alert us who is listening to our music, for example.

Moreover, these push notifications may be enabled or disabled from the Settings menu, where you can select at ease if we receive these alerts when a friend has opened its account in Spotify, among others. Another novelty is that the service introduced a kind of tutorial for new users who are just starting to use the application.

This also reach other improvements and bug fixes. Also added graphics with support for the retina display iPad 3 in the Log In screen, as well as retina graphics for offline playlists. Thus, some problems were solved as when the application stopped responding while scrolling did while we were sailing.

Other improvements relate to the application performance and stability of this. Moreover, since we can login with Facebook. This new version 0.5.1 is available for download for free directly from the App Store, that is, the App Store.

Link: Spotify Updates IOS App With Push Notifications (Cult of Mac)

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