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Stephen Elop says Nokia has much more to launch in 2013

Stephen Elop says Nokia has much more to launch in 2013

CEO, Stephen Elop, has not saved much about the future of the company to maintain suspense and a focus on Finland. In an interview in to a German specialist site, the boss of the parent company of the Lumia ensures they still have much to say about new equipment for the remainder of 2013 – which, incidentally, is not unusual.

Recall that Nokia is on the horizon at least one pitch to the next few weeks … This is the famous and ultrarumoreado Lumia PureView Pro sensor 41 MP. A few days ago we told you to test this equipment would be subject to AT & T, where it is known by its codename EOS Elvis .

The team, made ​​of polycarbonate and whose features were leaked a few weeks ago , it would not be the only thing coming. Optimists say the project of a Tablet Nokia still hard inside the Finnish, and could be revealed in early September in Finland, as part of Nokia World.

That is in addition to normal Asha line renovations expected for Q3.

What are you interested in Nokia within the remainder of the year? Or rather, how should innovate Nokia to grow?

Link: Nokia-Chef im Interview Stephen Elop: Windows Phones Viele neue noch 2013, Umstellung war richtig (MobileGeeks)

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