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Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Ebook Readers | 0 comments

Study: eReaders are sales fall in 2012

Study: eReaders are sales fall in 2012

The boom that the have gotten around the globe has led to sales of subside rapidly during this 2012, and some figures presented by Digitimes Research for November showed that the device registered a decline in its commercialization of at least 57 percent over last year, a situation that is more or less the same after 30 days.

This week, a study by IHS recorded a decline in sales of electronic reader by 36 percent, although not as high compared to that offered by Digitimes, it is still alarming to producers, which could be facing the principle of full and final extinction of their product.

Measurement estimates, this year there will be a balance of 14.9 million e-readers sold, that number pales considerably to the 23.2 million recorded in 2011, the best year in the history of the device. The projected trend is not favorable, as it is expected that sales in 2013 are reduced by 23 percent more than what we have now, which would end three years later, in 2016, achieved only sell 7.1 million units globally.

Meanwhile, tablets continue to set the standard in the field of mobile devices, and is expected to reach sales in three years for $350 million globally, being surpassed only by smartphones.

Link: Ebook Readers: Devive to go the way of Dinasaurs?

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