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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Study reveals that 80% of people fall asleep with his smartphone

According to a study that revealed curious Intel, 80% of smartphone users said falling asleep next to it, while 40% said handle calls when in the bathroom. This study involved several countries and the general conclusion on this was that 40% of people are 24/7 with your smart device.

Within the regions examined, Latin America proved to be the area where smartphone users share more videos and photos via their handsets. Meanwhile, Asians are the most play on their devices and Africa the most text messages sent. As Americans, it is recorded that they spend about 3 hours each day sharing different types of data on their mobiles.

Regarding the younger, the study found that at least 50% of these said they could send a text message blindfolded, sending more than 3 billion messages per month.

The survey also asked people what the reason would abandon your smartphone, to which the most common responses were: a 63% chocolate, 55% for coffee, 22% for brushing and 21% on shoes.

Following this line, 20% said they would rather lose their wallet or purse to your phone, and that 43% of these responded that reflects your personal style. Finally, 50% of respondents said their social life would be less interesting to your smartphone.

Link: 80% of people sleep with Their phone in bed (WebDesingPages)

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