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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Applications, Games | 0 comments

Stupid Zombies 2: the second part can be better

Stupid Zombies 2: the second part can be better

Do not know about you, but when I discovered Play Store, I noticed right away, and well, it’s pretty fun to shoot zombies and watching blood jumps. But eventually I got bored, it was always the same, the characters were static and had no science to “calculate” where to shoot for the highest score.

Well, recently I went to play it and I found the surprise of its sequel, and this case, the second half than the first.

is much more entertaining than its predecessor. The logic remains the same, shoot and kill zombies RE, but there are key differences that make the experience more enjoyable.

Stupid Zombies 2: the second part can be better image 2

First, the graph. This changed dramatically, and is much more visually appealing. The living dead are not all equal. In the second part we dealt with firefighters, loggers, quite gay zombies, and the inevitable civilian skiers. All with one another and even motion artifacts that “prevent” shoot them. Yes, it was a radical change, but for the better. Blood is another issue.

In this version, jumps a lot more blood than the predecessor, and even the eyes look like sticks or explode on the screen.

Another novelty is that you can choose which character to play. Is the male with muscular shirt and jeans, and now you can also opt for a brown hair and pistols. Also, the main weapon is still the gun, but now you can also play with fire crossbows, grenades, shot gun triple and even an explosion that destroys everything.

Stupid Zombies 2: the second part can be better image 3

The stages are distinguished not only by color. As the graph is different, so are the levels. For now Lab, City, Forest and Snow. Each with their respective effects like rain or snow.

You can download Stupid Zombies 2 for free on your device Android . Also available for iOS for $ 0.99.

Check HERE the trailer.

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