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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Submissions of applications for Windows Phone 8 up like foam

Submissions of applications for Windows Phone 8 up like foam

8 only recently appeared on the market, and as a new platform, the hardest thing is to conquer for developers to program their tools focused on the new operating system, although the anyway serve to “eight”.

But apparently this is still a problem for Microsoft, since according to their own report, have registered an increase of 40% on shipping for WP8 application, which is complicating the company for the fact that the holidays are coming Christmas and New Year, so many of the people engaged in reviewing and approving the tools for publication in the app store will be out celebrating.

Because yes, each shipment is reviewed by someone to see that complies with the rules and regulations of before becoming available for Windows Phone 8, so growth will be delayed during holidays.

Link: Windows Phone Store app submissions up by 40 percent (Neowin)

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