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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Sundar Pichai says that “no matter” the dominance of Samsung in Android

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The head of at Google, Sundar Pichai, was present at the D11 conference hosted by All Things D, where he spoke about the dominance of in the smartphone market thanks to Android, the created by Google, where said most people choose the operating system by services, not by one or another manufacturer.

Faced with questions about what Google is taking the biggest slice of cake compared to Android gains, Pichai said that “we are partners we work very closely (…) In fact, we owe much of the success of Android by what they have done, by the scale at which they have entered the cellular market   (…) I see as a very symbiotic relationship, “then giving the example of the historic collaboration between Microsoft and Intel.

At the urging of Walt Mossberg , veteran technology journalist who drove Wall Street Journal interview with Pichai, compared to unmodified version of Android is not the prevailing market, the Android chief said that “today I will say something that I doubt people will believe me, but I really do not care much.

According to Pichai, Android’s success is the cloud services of Google like search, maps and YouTube. “For me, having these services on a wide screen is where innovation. And if you do well, people will use it. If we do well, we will go wrong with Android “.

Pichai The conference also announced something that we celebrate a few hours ago, and is the version of HTC One with Android without changing , which also said he was very expectant of Motorola’s next major release since it was bought by Google: The Moto X .

Link: Google’s Pichai: It does not matter much to us That Samsung dominates Android (Fierce Wireless)

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