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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Surface Sued by having less storage space than advertised

Surface Sued by having less storage space than advertised

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Andrew Sokolowski, a lawyer from Los Angeles, California, is suing for because the of 32 GB is a lot less space than advertised. The lawyer said he bought a 32GB Surface then noted that only had 16 GB free for use.

Sokolowski Demand aims to change the way Microsoft and in the background technology industry almost all promotes its products, and seeks to force the company to give back the profits they have obtained through this route.

Meanwhile, the Redmond giant said that the allegations do not have enough credit for a successful claim. “Consumers understand that the operating system and installed applications reduce the available free space on a device”, and said that users can always expand the space via microSD cards or USB port.

Only on 5 November Microsoft detailed how much free space they have available their tablets Surface, where the 32GB model has 16GB free and the Surface of 64 GB, 45 GB free. A detail of not less then bought his Surface Sokolowski on November 7.

Link: Lawyer sues Microsoft Rather than an SD card slot into his Surface (The Register)

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