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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Companies, Design, Equipments, Patents, Tablets | 0 comments

Tablets rounded edges, ghost Apple Patent

Tablets rounded edges, ghost Apple Patent

A couple of days we head against the table and we said, “the Cupertino have done it again!” In this blog we mentioned that Apple got patent rounded tablets , another milestone unusual in the race creating iOS, famous for patenting the “unpatentable”. Well, the thing might not be as crazy as it sounds … or not so good for … or be nothing, in more practical terms.

While in principle companies like will have to be stunned and in accordance with the fact that Apple is legally lord and master of the tablets with curved corners, being a large verdict regarding that which is considered “exterior “The apple may not be as gifted with his new acquisition, the patent number 286, called” Screen Portable Device “.

But where in all this makes sense? The Business Insider blog an analysis justifying the legal move that will allow Apple be various whims against their enemies. The blog that many large companies in the world have set precedents regarding design based on common forms.

A particular example is the Coca-Cola bottle that while in principle is a simple glass bottle is specially designed to identify the brand, which does not prevent other companies from using fizzy drinks glass bottles.

The same here. Apple holds the patent but no party can prevent tablets make rounded edges, so, in the words of Florin Mueller of Foss Patent blog, it is quite possible that this patent Apple only serves to build arguments for their judgments, but could give very little joy to not be easy to implement.

Mueller insists that, if both Apple has struggled to win cases where the case is based on combinations of many elements, it will be almost impossible to do with a stand as concrete, generic and easily refuted. According to the expert, Apple is unlikely to win any complaints based on an item like this.

So the patent office has mocked Apple giving anything to stop bothering you? Will they have enough common sense to guard the Cupertino this patent instead of going armed with her to fight any curved edge design on the face of the Earth?

Which do you think would be the verdict if Apple started a lawsuit against any tablet curved edges? Demand would win??

Link: Why Apple’s ‘Rounded Corners’ iPad Patent Is not As Absurd As It Sounds . (Business Insider)

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