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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Telephone support more Windows Phone in Mexico, Chile and Spain

Telephone support more Windows Phone in Mexico, Chile and Spain

and Telefonica have reached an agreement under which the operator is present in Europe and Latin America, marketing support more devices, with devices like Lumia 820 , or hopefully the next Lumia 925 .

The announcement by Telefónica is part of a larger operation in which Telefónica starts Microsoft offer many services, from Office 365 , to Azure . But in this case what will make using your brand Telefónica Movistar, is the marketing to support devices with Windows Phone in the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Chile, for at least one year. The announcement is a great respite for Microsoft and who is going to get fully into the post third OS, but we can not doubt that it is especially important to support Windows Phone has more presence in advertising and in physical stores.

Telefónica has not mentioned specifically how it will use marketing to promote Windows Phone, we understand that traditional advertising like TV commercials to promote the latest gadgets they come out and cheap devices for people looking for their first smartphone or simply need not last.

We are struck some phrases Telefónica’s announcement, such as “Telefónica has a strong commitment to improving its commercial mobile devices, in order to expand the presence of new operating systems as an alternative to the current duopoly of Android and IOS “. Is Teléfonica a champion to end the duopoly of iOS and Android? Do not forget Firefox OS ? But most disturbing, Telefónica has benefited greatly from the sales of Android devices and iOS, now you are not as good because “Windows Phone has a commercial approach focused on operators,” quotes the CEO of Telefónica as its statement.

It will be interesting to see the support offered by Telefónica to Windows Phone, something that surely the other Android device manufacturers are not going to like it. But it is certainly one of the great news for Windows Phone in 2013, the support of a company like Telefonica and who will try to sell more Windows Phone than alternatives can generate greater

Link: Telefónica promote sales of Windows Phone 8 in the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile (Telefonica)

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