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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two)

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two)

This time we took the time to try these useless applications and publish some of them so that you know.

Broken Screen

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two) image 2

With this “useful” application, you do believe your friends, coworkers or family that you phone screen broke. So, when you have the typical nephew, cousin or little person happens to you asking for your mobile prestaselo for a while and when you return it, active so you blame him that I broke the screen of your smartphone hahahahaha .

It is certainly a very good app to make a joke rather heavy person who annoys you with the phone.

Link: Screen Rota (Google Play)

X-Ray Scanner Droid

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two) image 3

With this application “supposedly” see the body of another person through a “so-called” X-ray For this to work well, you must first select the application which body part you think the other person to scan. If you plan to scan your head in the app and then select what you like you are “scanning head of the other person.”

In this way, other people will think your phone has X-rays, you will see all you want … (?)

Link: X-Ray Scanner Droid (Google Play)

Free Solar Charger

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two) image 4

With this very “useful” application, you forget your Travel Charger because now you will carry your mobile with the power of the sun. Yep, you read right … now you can charge the battery of mobile phone you just point your screen to the direct sunlight. The application will show on screen (if you manage to see something with reflections of the sun) how much energy you are giving free sun and how much load you carry.

So you know, download this app and show them to your friends that you actually phone is charging with the power of the sun!

Link: free solar charger (Google Play)

Traffic Signal Control

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two) image 5

Are you driving your car and you will only appear red lights? Then you should download this application that “supposedly” allows you to change red to green with just one click on the screen of your smartphone!

This way you can skip all the red lights that will appear in your way, all thanks to this application and your smartphone.

Link: Traffic Signal Control (Google Play)

The Monotone Animal Soundboard

The 5 most useless applications for Android (Part Two) image 6

There was once a developer applications like Instant Buttons saw that he had a big hit with users because of the large number of sounds and effects that are pre-recorded on the application. Then, the developer did not find anything better to do your own application but with animal sounds. So he drew animals and also recorded his own voice with the sounds of animals drew.

If you want to laugh a little of this application, and especially the sounds made by the same developer, then I invite you to download this app is free.

Link: The Monotone Animal Soundboard (Google Play)

These are completely useless 5 applications you have installed on your Android. We know there are many more, so doing commenting in the comments so that others also know.

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