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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Internet | 0 comments

The BlackBerry market share drops to 1% in the U.S. according to analysts

The BlackBerry market share drops to 1% in the U.S. according to analysts

Independent things go well for them in several countries, the has been decreasing dramatically the number of users in recent years. Therefore, the data analysis company today ensures that phones from Canada have just 1% market share in that country.

All this, based on the traffic they receive from these machines in their network of online advertising.

This reduces from 5% received in September 2011 to a meager percentage point late last year. Subsequently there was a low even greater in the first months of 2012, marked a rebound after that in July of this year repositioned with little more than 1% share.

In the same period – according to Chitika – the from 46% to 64%.

The efforts being made by RIM to recover the public in North America with its current equipment base already seems a losing battle. Just wait and see how the market will behave with the arrival of the new and equipment that will renew the range of the blackberry devices.

Link: BlackBerry U.S. market share slumps to 1% (PhoneArena)

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