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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The death of an exaggeration as OMAP Texas Instruments

The death of an exaggeration as OMAP Texas Instruments

With the release of Intel processor for smartphones, some media reported that the dead this possibly mean for processor manufacturer, but apparently this is an exaggeration.

Although the mobile processor market is beginning to saturate and every day there are new and more powerful competitors, the company has decided to expand rather than leave the market.

TI plans to take your mobile technology to automobiles, industrial equipment, communications companies, vision and robotics, basically anything that requires processing power in small spaces.

For now, IT is not what you want to lose money on your investment, even if the smartphone market is being saturated, there will be options for where to move, however, the OMAP 5 processor will not show until 2013 and may to be incorporated into new models of phones (if specifications are compete against other companies).

For now Texas Instruments OMAP will continue to manufacture its chip though, if you want to stay current, this chip’s successor will have to be very good and surprising.

Link: Texas Instruments OMAP says the death of’ve been Greatly exaggerated (Phone Arena)

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