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Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

The evolution of Gorilla Glass will handle the germs on our mobile

The evolution of Gorilla Glass will handle the germs on our mobile

Good news for germofóbicos. We read a lot more than we would like our have more germs than a toilet or a trash can, and that has not stopped us to use over and over again. In fact, even the smallest take care to avoid any infection.

And as we do not do, wants us to stop worrying about this problem. In an event itself developed in the framework of Computex, the company said that in the future will be Glass which takes charge of germs that accumulate on our screens lazily.

Asked which may include the next version of this crystal, the director of marketing and business operations of Corning – David Velazquez – said he could not say much, “but say that Corning believes that some of the frustrations that consumers still have to the screens of their mobile devices, such as marks, stains, and germs reflexes. We are considering those issues to develop our future products. “

Do not know about you, but I think he said much more than we could have expected.

The brightness is also something interesting. No coatings manufacturer screens any of you have placed emphasis on improving on its own accord the reflective properties of the glass, so we had to depend on the choice of manufacturers to solve problems related to light and low visibility delivery to reflect on our phones.

It seems that Gorilla Glass will be much smarter in the near future, which could give us some clues about the focus they are putting in to many problems so far are really unimportant but being resolved correctly could give us more peace of mind when using your mobile phone. Good for Corning.

Link: germaphobic hints Corning Gorilla Glass low-reflectance is in the labs (PhoneArena)

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