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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Applications, Companies, Games, Operating Systems | 0 comments

The game of suicides at Foxconn, available for Android

The game of suicides at Foxconn, available for Android

wanted to tell her things and made Apple into his nostrils. Permanet In to save state is a mobile developed by the artist whose argument is based on the life after death for workers in Foxconn have chosen due to the pressure caused by working for companies like Apple, Dell, Sony, or Nintendo.

The game, which is not so, for it has no intention purely playful, managed to sneak into the App Store and survived fifty downloads before the Cupertino pillasen and send it out. Now versioning for development again seek a niche from which to shout to everyone that there is a dark side, and worrying in the industry of mobile devices.

The gameplay reflects the death of workers in different ways, depending on possible beliefs of each, revealing, however, that suicide is a nightmare fueled by all the everyday factors that keep your characters happiness. It is the way in which the author, based on other similar games, invites reflection on the role of each human being in a world dominated by mass production.

Benjamin Poynter explains that at any time you want your creation to be respectful of the events and has tried to use oriental references as an example of that respect for the victims. It has also clarified that the Android app will be launched with a minimum price of these proceeds will go to help the organization responsible for the creation of the game’s soundtrack.

The game of suicides at Foxconn, available for Android image 2

Not the first time

Previously, a game called Phone Story ironically was based on the harsh realities faced by slaves workers forced to meet a lot of hours of work in conditions inhuman unfriendly exchange for produce mass components and equipment.

Phone Story was also noted and also came from a strong activist spirit, because their profits went to help a Foxconn worker who, like some of his colleagues, tried to kill himself.

The truth is that soon we may download this game from the Play Store If Google does not crack and already we spend by Benjamin Poynter website and see his other works.

How many here are willing to pay for the app when it is on sale?

Link: The creator who challenged Apple with a game on the Foxconn suicides. (The World)

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