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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Operating Systems, SmartPhones | 0 comments

The HTC HD2 does it again: Now run Windows RT

The HTC HD2 does it again: Now run Windows RT

If there is a versatile and good to try all things that make the developer community around operating systems and their variants, that is the HTC HD2.

Adopted as a platform for experiments by a big fan of core software modifications, has been seen running multiple versions of OS – mobile and desktop – no problems … And yes, it continues, this time with RT, checking that is full force.

The HD2 with Windows 8 is not something to leave the overnight. It required considerable effort by the developer @CotullaCode to be implemented, and it is no secret that the combination of both is just a proof of concept that is fit for the real and daily use, but also is a big step for a breath of new life into this team already has a good amount of time on the market, and that is still fertile ground to continue abusing its features for a while longer.

Link: HTC HD2 Windows WP8 port leads to RT on the HTC HD2 (WMPoweruser)

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