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Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

The iPad Smart Cover to leave billions of dollars each year

The iPad Smart Cover to leave billions of dollars each year

Who knew that would cover such a small market relevance of accessories for the tablet? And, there a lot of covers and accessories for the iPhone, people seem to prefer by far the manufactured by the company.

Yes, you can not protect the back of the machine as others, but its flexibility and style seem to be two factors that buyers have in mind when filling the screen of your iPhone at second or third generation.

And there is little money Apple makes based on this accessory, because through sales of this blanket are able to bill no more nor less than $ 500 million each quarter … That’s right, 500 million billetones green every 3 months, or 2 billion if you stretch your dollars on an annual basis.

This is based on extremely simple: iPhone users looking to differentiate each other by the colors of their covers. Yes, I know it sounds very basic and obvious, but in a market where the probability of finding another person with the same team that loads, the diversity of colors and materials which are manufactured the Smart Cover provides the minimum payment required customization required.

Or so argues a report submitted by Richard Kramer, Director of – independent research company in technology and telecom companies.

Surprisingly, meanwhile spinning accessories specially created for this device, be as profitable this true parallel market accessory for apple computers, and the canons of choice for users. Although, if you think about it, its price, its slim profile and how well it works makes it the ideal choice for many iPhone owners, even taking them to have more than one … So, to change depending on what you use on a day .

Have an iPhone? What case do you use?

Link: Apple’s iPad Smart Covers Reportedly rake in $ 500 million every quarter (Ubergizmo)

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