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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Applications, SmartPhones | 0 comments

The iPhone predictive keyboard could enlarge some keys without you noticing

The iPhone predictive keyboard could enlarge some keys without you noticing

He was just awarded the patent for a keyboard on mobile devices that automatically increase the size of the objects visually touches without changing their size, explained otherwise, will be physically larger to cover more space of the fingers (fat) but not visually.

Although the patent seems a bit confusing, in practice makes little sense, in fact, the idea of implementing this technology without visual cues to the whole idea makes much more functional.

Imagine you want to write a word whose vowels and consonants are too close, the phone may already know that word or words you want to write, but since they are very close together, instead of writing “hello” type “HPLA” yet the phone knows you wanted to write “hello”. Maybe it’s a very simple example, but have been corrected for the know what I mean.

Currently half the predictive text works and sometimes by a single letter, nothing happens, using the same example, if you mess with a P instead of an iPhone or suggests you use “hello”, but what happens with words longer and with more mistakes? In theory this new keyboard will help you make fewer errors and more accurately predict the words you want to express to allow your finger to have more room to maneuver on the screen.

Link: The Predictive Keyboard iPhone’s Future Could Make Certain Keys Ever Larger Without You Noticing (gizmodo)

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