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The keys to giving the best smartphone to your father

The keys to giving the best smartphone to your father

In several countries in Latin America this June 16 is Father’s Day, which is why many children have the intention to make a good gift to his father. A bottle of wine? Music?, Books? Socks??

How about a good phone?

For those who are able and willing to pay good money to give to his father, a next generation smartphone is a great idea to surprise. But with so much on offer in the market and thousands of teams to choose from, it is difficult to differentiate between a good and a bad deal, so we’ll recommend the essentials to keep in mind when your father giving away the best phone possible according to your budget.

A look at the operating system

The keys to giving the best smartphone to your father image 2

They say it’s a matter of taste, but when it’s to give away simply must make the best choice. And in the case of parents, many times we will be facing a person who does not seek experience complications when operating your phone, so that the operating system is vital to provide a seamless user experience and easy to use.

In this sense, the first that comes to the table is iOS 6, on an iPhone. But be careful here, because in a couple of months the bitten apple phone will be updated to and can say that will be easy to use. Because since its launch in 2006, the has buttons well defined and realistic textures on your screen that are design elements aimed at those who can not use a touch panel, showing visually what are the menus and things to press. But with iOS 7 flat design that magic is lost and therefore the system becomes more complicated to use by those who have never had a phone “touch”. So with that eye, but there is always the option of giving an iPhone and do not update to iOS 7 for a long time … They can live well.

On the other hand we have the always good option. It is important to emphasize here the following: if we’re giving away an Android phone, which is with 4.0 or higher. This we must ask the seller and nothing explicitly that “in the future will be updated”, because sometimes that never happens because of the operators. They come factory or nothing.

The issue is that Android 4.0 introduces a more easy to use and simplifies many of the complications seen in Android 2.3, the version running most still relatively old smartphones sold in the market. It is therefore essential that the team has set Android 4.0, because buttons, menus and use is generally much easier. You have to give first priority at this point when choosing an Android phone.

Believe it or not, this time can be very useful. For if we believe that the BlackBerry OS version 7 is a bit old, it is also relatively easy to use if your father is handled with the theme of the drop down menus. The physical buttons are very helpful for the beginner on touch screens, as they write in them is much easier for older people. This pair of points, coupled with economic price have these past generation machines make us reconsider this time.

But beware, the brand new equipment – the Z10 and Q10 – let other older BlackBerry as a museum piece. If your father already has a BlackBerry and want to renew it, try to be the last or the experience could be frustrating.

Finally, we call evaluate equipment purchases well 7 or 8. Such a platform is visually appealing and aesthetic style and delivers true ease of use, but not recommended for those not handled well with technology and services. WP has an innovative user interface designed for those familiar with the tactile world, based on menus that appear from the sides and option buttons are not always distinguishable at first sight, which could bring trouble getting used to use, but with a little practice will become a great coworker. Maybe not the best choice for someone who comes from a “feature phone” and never used a touch screen … Eye there.

The size (of the screen) does matter

The keys to giving the best smartphone to your father image 3

Here is a matter of taste, but overall it is a good idea to give away a generous screen size the father, especially if it is old. Whereas now the iPhone is four inches and is considered a cell “small” for some users, we can confidently enter the field of 4.5 inches and even the panels phablets or teams of five or more inches.

The purpose of this recommendation is to prevent inconvenience to the hearing and grant a greater working area for reading and other tasks stationary, not involving the consultation at all times of social networks and email, tasks commonly performed by youth compulsively but not necessarily to the liking of our parents.

A good camera

The keys to giving the best smartphone to your father image 4

Definitely something that the parent will do much with your new phone will take pictures. Family parties, the celebration of Father’s Day, birthday … Have a camera handy on the phone is a great advantage and secure your old know to make the most of that.

So to look at some aspects of the camera. First, having more megapixels does not make a camera better, so for the sake of our pocket, we can breathe easy if the offer is 5Mpx or 8Mpx, but not less than that. What we must consider is the quality of the lens and in that sense we can recommend three brands that go to safe: Nokia, Apple and Sony. These companies have technologies focused on cameras, being an aspect that sets them apart from the competition.

And is that megapixels are indicative of the size of the image, not the quality of it, so it is always the priority must be to good technologies in lenses that Sony and Nokia delivered an almost assured in their offers. And if we opt for other brands, models exceeding $ 200 probably also give us good results, but beware of the cheapest equipment, usually sacrifice image quality to deliver other features for a low price.

Aspects not so interested …

The keys to giving the best smartphone to your father image 5

We should not be doing this, but when the economy is a factor, you have to sacrifice some points when purchasing a computer. And we’ll be honest about it: there are features that we can do without if our priorities are listed above and we are short of money.

First, we can dispense with a good core processor. Because if we have a team with Android 4.0, just have to order a single-core processor and 1GHz of speed. One and one. Really. That operating system moves to spare and we can save some money for a better camera or screen size. We say this because yes or yes try to sell something with 9001 cores, which is not necessary.

The same rule applies for Apple computers and the recommendation here is simple: if you are going to give iPhone which is the iPhone 4. It’s a team with precise technical performance, the latest technologies necessary (Retina Display, good camera), good design and can be updated to iOS 7 (although not recommended).

On the other hand, probably did not need a super external physical design, because for some reason old people loves outer covers, so that we can save money by finding a good model with Android 4.0, and a nice wide screen cover to protect the device.

Finally, there is the issue of 4G. Unless we have a money tree, we can completely ignore this feature. Because 4G is being rolled out in all countries and operates optimally under insured monthly payment plans very expensive. And since 3G networks walk fast enough and stable, the 4G is dispensable.

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