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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

The New York Times abandoned its app for BlackBerry

The New York Times abandoned its app for BlackBerry

Well, this could be considered a blow to the consumption of content strategy of the current generation of products from Canada, as one of the leading and most influential providers of information – The – has decided to stop supporting its application for BlackBerry, leaving her to favor the delivery of information through their mobile website.

The strange thing about this move is that the NYT will continue to provide comprehensive support to applications for other platforms, with little regard for their growth metrics through other access, giving the impression of being a measure adjusted only to stop developing new products in app for equipment.

We could sit back and think how bad it is that as a signal to the ecosystem of a company that has recently been in the public eye due to loss of relevance in the mobile industry, but see it as a clear and interesting as glimpse of this group will leave behind BB7 to concentrate 100% on content delivery solutions to BB10.

In addition, the New York Times never gave a real solution to deploy content integrated with BlackBerry, delivering a series of neat little segregated applications that were never liked by users, so they were not actually used by a large majority.

Hopefully this will involve starting over, and go – this time – better.

Link: New York Times Ends Smartphones BlackBerry App Support (N4BB)

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