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Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Equipments | 0 comments

The Pentagon rescinded exclusivity agreement with RIM

The Pentagon rescinded exclusivity agreement with RIM

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After many years of using equipment under exclusive agreement, the Department of Defense reported that the United States begin to equip their staff with iPhones and smartphones from 2013.

The initiative is related to the search by the Pentagon, most versatile platform for their developments and projects, and have passed the updates that have these platforms, which is why at the beginning of the relationship with RIM, had been the exclusive .

The trigger for this relationship ended was the publication of a procurement request by the Agency for Defense Information Systems (DISA) to purchase and Android devices, as well as security and management systems for these teams.

Among the objectives of llamdo DISA, is the need to maintain a corporate mail service with high safety standards for the existing fleet of 162,500 devices, which in the short term will increase to 265,500. A level scalability, the intends to meet the demand of 8 million mobile devices in the future government.

From the Pentagon reported that they will stop using devices, RIM could build something that despite the competition that will, from his Blackberry Mobile Fusion product, with which you can integrate different platforms to manage globally.

Link: Pentagon Sees Further use of Blackberry as door opens to others (Reuters)

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