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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Curiosities | 0 comments

The reason iOS disjointed design 7

The reason iOS disjointed design 7

Yesterday in a press The Next Web was hailed as a very important issue and it relates to an issue that has been on everyone’s lips: “New icons in iOS 7″

According tries to explain that note, the culprit is little connection between icons and ‘ugly’ they look lies in the division of teams designing iOS interface 7. While there was a veteran team rearming the ‘stock apps’ (applications by default), the marketing team developed many of the icons on the iPhone home screen.

The problem is that both teams had very little communication.

If we rely on previous iOS beta, is unlikely to change the layout of the icons, however if we go to other beta of other Apple products, it is quite likely to occur, as happened with the Developer Preview 10.0 OSX that present significant changes in the interface when it was commercialized.

Link: TheNextWeb

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