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Posted by on Jun 13, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The reason why the design does not gel applications iOS 7 with its icons

The reason why the design does not gel applications iOS 7 with its icons

Perhaps all who follow the WWDC 2013 and saw the launch of Apple in the latest update of its mobile operating system, iOS 7 , we must ask the same thing: Why icons Apple applications are all too garish? Obviously, the design of the icons is backwards relevant topic because of its rivals, iOS 7 can not modify them. Or you like or hidden.

The difference is so radical, between designing iOS applications 7 and their ‘gay’ pastel icons, which seem to have been made ​​by different teams, which is indeed the case as the site The Next Web .

According to sources within Apple’s site, while the design team working Apple applications within the application, Jony Ive put the team web design and printed marketing to work on designing icons.

In addition, as part of the strategy renewal Ive mentality within the company about the design of the products, there was little communication between design teams, who had to compete with several proposals that explain certain inconsistencies in the design of icons.

Finally, the sources of The Next Web, what we have seen of iOS 7 is a ‘work in progress’, because Apple will continue to work and refine the design and development of what was at WWDC, so it is possible that it change many things in the design of iOS 7 in the coming months.

Link: Why does the design of iOS 7 look so different? (The Next Web)

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