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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Applications | 0 comments

The TEG classic board game is now available for tablets

The TEG classic board game is now available for tablets

The classic Argentine game TEG (Tactical and Strategic Plan of the War), created in 1976 and inspired by Risk, was released a mobile version through a partnership between the company Yetem (precursor of adult board games) and Widow Games , developer game.

The game managed to sell more than a million and a half units during its three decades of life can now be played through mobile devices in its classic (because throughout its history were launched other themed versions), and the possibility of playing against a virtual player, against six people in the same device or online form with any player in the world.

TEG is based on a simulation of global war on a world map divided into 50 countries, which are randomly distributed between the players. Each participant has to meet a target list secrets to their rivals, with the exception of the overall goal for all, which is to conquer 30 countries. Wins who fails to meet its overall objectives or secrets.

The mobile version launched in time for and within weeks to , costs U.S. $ 4.99 and is now available in the App Store . Widows also was the developer of another classic Argentine tables, the Mind Race .

Link: The Classic TEG landed on tablets (Infobae americas)

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