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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Cameras, SmartPhones, Tablets | 0 comments

These new sensors Sony could be in the next iPhone

These new sensors Sony could be in the next iPhone

One of the things I like about the iPhone 4S is the good quality of the images it captures. This could be improved dramatically for some time thanks to the efforts that is putting their chips next image. Why Sony? Well, because that is the origin of this piece on your phone “Designed in California”.

The Japanese has presented three new sensors – called – offering grades 8 and 13 MP, those incorporating a lens opening of f/2.2 autofocus integrated and able to handle in photography and video.

The first devices that incorporate this technology should hit the market officially in October, but we all know that could fix this to have this product on their computers early. Anyway, Sony seems to take up the gauntlet and take his shot at the world of the moving image. Perhaps the timing is not right, but there is no doubt that this could become a new strength to the Japanese, especially in the face of what Mobile World Congress show in 2013 where – we believe – will be much further from the inheritance marry left him.

Link: Sony announces new cameraphone sensor Exmor RS: upgraded signal processing, HDR video recording (Engadget)

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