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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

These would be based on the new BlackBerry BB10

These would be based on the new BlackBerry BB10

A few weeks before the launch of new devices from Canada, we have not tired of them spies to pose for pictures in case. However, we have not had the opportunity to look more closely at the computer with physical QWERTY keyboard.

According to this leak collection from 4chan – yes, that 4chan – the photo shows three devices that will be part of the new devices that try to start the comeback in the mobile market. At the center we see an L-Series, recently known as Z10, to the right is an N-Series, tentatively named X10 also that looks almost identical to the leaks we’ve seen in the form of drawing, with a look reminiscent of the current fairly Bold line, but with square screen of 720 x 720.

Wait … And what is the left?

Here begin the speculation. Some look at this device and ensure that we are at the famous Dev Alpha C, a team to surrender only to developers to test out how the developments on on devices with QWERTY keyboard. However, others suggest that this unit is a copy of the R-Series, lower-end equipment that might be closer to what is now known as the Curve line. At least your keyboard indicates that.

New RIM teams will be presented in New York on January 30.

Link: BlackBerry 10 N-Series/X10 Fully Exposed On Camera? (IntoMobile)

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