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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Security | 0 comments

They attack the SMS service of Al-Jazeera and send false headlines

They attack the SMS service of Al-Jazeera and send false headlines

Three were sent from fake alert service via broadcaster Al-Jazeera, one of which claimed that the prime minister of Qatar had been killed.

The information was quickly denied by the channel through his Twitter profile, where they explained that their system had been violated, as outlined in the BBC:

“We would like to inform our subscribers that the SMS service of has been compromised by hackers who have posted false news.”

A group calling itself the “Syrian Electronic Army” (SEA, for its acronym in English) has claimed responsibility for the cyber attack. Explained through a press release that this action is a response to the position of the TV channel “against the people and government of Syria, especially its support for terrorists and armed groups spreading false news invented”.

It is the second attack in less than a week suffering broadcaster based in Doha by pro-Syrian groups, after its website was hacked by the coverage of the situation in Syria, as we had then technewspedia .

It is clear that hacking groups that support the government wants to violate the credibility of the media covering the conflict that exists in that country. The good news is that in this day and age it is very difficult to hide these facts.

Link: Al-Jazeera SMS service pro-Syrian Attacked by hackers (BBC)

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