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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Applications, Security | 0 comments

They find security flaw in iOS Instagram

They find security flaw in iOS Instagram

In operating systems for mobile devices, there may be multiple gateways for endanger users’ private information, and in some cases, it is the applications that expose the data stored. Such is the case of the recent and vulnerability that has been exposed, it stopped to light a problem that dates back a couple of weeks ago.

Because as reported by the private investigator who discovered the flaw, a could gain control Instagram account of the person concerned if using version 3.1.2 of the application for the operating system, personal photographs and may delete edit the user profile data.

Other security firms have confirmed the problem as real, which they describe as not as serious as the person concerned and the hacker must be connected to the same network, reducing the chances of becoming a victim of this attack, a vulnerability was informed that the people of Instagram in mid-November without even airing an update to correct the situation.

Link: Instagram vulnerability on iPhone Allows for account takeover (Computer World)

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