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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Equipments | 0 comments

They manage to make the Samsung Galaxy SIII slow motion video recording and fast

They manage to make the Samsung Galaxy SIII slow motion video recording and fast

Surely some still do not know, but there is a very special and interesting feature in the Galaxy Note II, as this equipment allows to make video recordings in (slow) and (quick camera).

As hardware Note II is almost identical-if not equal-that experts were not lacking in modifying the operating system, achieved carry the camera functions of the system Note II allowing the latter to achieve record videos in Slow and fast motion, as does the recently launched Galaxy Note II.

They manage to make the Samsung Galaxy SIII slow motion video recording and fast image 2

And how I can do this wonder in my Galaxy SIII?

Well, sorry to disappoint you dear reader but is a bit complicated to do because the easiest way to do this is by installing a Android ROM for Galaxy SIII but modified, which include the application of Note II camera. If you are knowledgeable about the subject, I leave the link so you can install this modified ROM, which includes several enhancements to the Galaxy SIII that brings the original ROM. That if you know that if you do this, you lose the security of your computer.

Link modified ROM and installation instructions

And what are the results you will get if I do this?

Personally I modified my Galaxy SIII installing a modified ROM and started to shoot video in slow motion and fast, and these are the results I got:



Did you notice a lower quality video in slow motion? Well unfortunately when recording in SLOW MOTION automatically low resolution 720 X 480 pixels and can not be increased. When recording in fast motion in Full HD you can do without problems and obviously without audio.

Another thing that is able to carry the Clip, which includes a novel 3D effect and transition effects rather good.

Since these functions work well in the Galaxy SIII, we could imagine ever Samsung included in a future update, but I see it like something difficult because it loses advantage the brand new Galaxy Note II.

What do you think of this new achievement in the Samsung Galaxy SIII?

**** This is a staff post just to tell my experience with this new feature you can have the Galaxy SIII. This post does not go with intentions to give publicity to the modified ROM far to encourage users to change their team. ****

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