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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Featured, Tutorials | 2 comments

Tip: Increase your power volume II Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7100)

Tip: Increase your power volume II Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7100)

When we bought our new Galaxy Note II, many were disappointed a little time to listen to our music on the computer with headphones as they did not have enough power in volume as expected. So then came a question in mind: How can a smartphone as expensive as this have this type of audio? Well, finding out answer to this and found it is a stupid European standard requires manufacturers to limit the audio output to just 50dB (decibels) for “allegedly” not to damage our ears.

But as the ears are mine and I do what I please my with them, go online if there was any way to increase the volume (similar to what exists for the Galaxy SIII ) and found one in XDA-Developers and I decided to post it here in Spanish so that people can understand and proceed to do it on your computer.

Before continuing, please note that your computer must be ROOTEADO and admit that you change the system, and in some countries you may lose your computer warranty. So We are not responsible for any damage to your computer or your own ear after making this change.


First of all, you must install the application Root Explorer. As payment, you’ll have to buy it on Google Play or go to Google and search for “Root Explorer apk” and can download FREE.

Now we will download the changed file will do the miracle. There are 3 and each of them has a different loudness.

ULTRA VOLUME MOD This will increase power to 60dB (remember that you are currently with 50dB).

MID VOLUME MOD This modification will increase power to 58dB.

NORMAL VOLUME MOD Here you will have the normal power of 55dB.

The downloaded file will be called default_gain.conf and that file must copy it to the internal memory or external equipment. He then proceeds to run Root Explorer.

When you open Root Explorer, you must go to the System folder and within it you will enter the etc folder. Here you will find a file called default_gain.conf. Now must press the button located on the top of the screen called “Mount R / W” and when pressed, will change to “Mount R / O”. Done, proceed to rename the selected file and modify it thus: default_gain.conf.bak. This is to have a backup in case of …

Remember the modified file you copied to the phone? Well, now you have to copy it where was the original file. But how to get Root Explorer from internal or external memory? Easy! Go to / mnt / sdcard to get to the internal memory, and / mnt / extSdCard for external memory.

Once located the modified file, copy it where was the original file, specifically in the path / system / etc. Remember that the button located at the top of the screen should say “Mount R / O”.

That’s it! Now restart the computer and see that the power of volume has increased significantly and now sounds like it should sound.

CAUTION: This amendment affects the headphone, the earpiece during calls and speaker. So it is advisable to lower the volume of the ringtone for the speaker is not saturated.

Link: [HOT MOD] Significantly Increase volume note2 2012.11.22 * UPDATED * (XDA-Developers)

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  1. Is it possible to have a similar solution for the original Galaxy Note GT-N7000? The sound output on that too is not good. How can I increase the sound output? Im interested in the second (manual) method as I dont want to root my phone. Im running the official Jelly Bean update on my phone. Please reply soon.

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