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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

Tips to increase battery life on your Android

Tips to increase battery life on your Android

One of the biggest changes we noticed when we went from a standard mobile phone to a smartphone is the battery. If we were accustomed to not having to charge the phone more than once every few days (even once a week), with our new things change a lot.

We must not forget that, although it is a phone, are two very different devices: mobile phone while our “normal” only took care of calls, sms and, if anything, a little web browsing and occasional email (for screen small), now our “little” Androids support multimedia content, periodically check our social networks and our email accounts and move their games in HD.

All this, of necessity, has to be noted in the of the battery (and not talking about the energy needed to run dual processors and quad-core!)

In conclusion: We can not expect our new phone hold over two days, not to connect to internet … Typically, giving regular use at (email, browsing, occasional gaming, social networks …) we go back to load in just over a day (hold me very tight working time).

But the good news is that we do have some to mitigate this expense. There are no miracle, but among all the tricks we can reduce consumption.

A. – I find out what applications spend more battery

On we are fortunate to have a very detailed settings menu. If we open Settings / Battery Usage (System Settings / Battery Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) will see a bar graph.

This will not help us much, other than confirm that the most responsible for the battery drain is the screen. In decreasing order, we will see the remainder. Enough to get an idea, but if we click on that chart more detailed data.

2. – Top tips


If not strictly necessary, an important measure is to turn off the timing of our smartphones (System Settings / Accounts and sync). You probably do not need all programs listed here are synchronized. We can also increase the update time intervals.


Contrary to what many people think, no WiFi connection is the biggest spender, but 2G and 3G data. If you do not need a data connection, turn off the data network (System Settings / Wireless / Mobile Networks / Use packet data).

Obviously, the same for the other connections. Connect WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS only when needed.

Tips to increase battery life on your Android image 2

3. – Tips

More than tricks, continue with the adjustments we can make our device, although elementary, it never hurts to remember:

AUTOBRILLO. As already mentioned, which consumes more battery power is the screen. Go to System Settings / Display / Brightness and enables automatic brightness.

WALLPAPERS. There are very nice, but the animated wallpapers, of course, consume more battery power than static backgrounds. Savings or aesthetic, that’s is question.

WAITING TIME DISPLAY. When you leave the phone in standby, it ensures that the waiting time the screen started as small as possible (System Settings / Timeout).

BATTERY FULL. While modern Lithium Ion have no “memory effect” of the above, it is good once a month let it discharge completely. And whenever we try to fill the load up to the maximum. The last 20% is usually slower, but our battery will be grateful.

Tips to increase battery life on your Android image 3

4. – Applications

All of these tips and tricks will not give us 50% more battery life, unfortunately. But we have some applications that will help us a little more.

For a more detailed spending and convenient battery there are several applications, but we recommend Super Tool Box that among the 10 utilities, we have three to help in this task.

Juice Defender , meanwhile, is one of the most famous applications to save power. We create multiple usage profiles (balanced, aggressive and extreme), we can customize, so that as we go losing energy, go off some applications or functions not vital. There is a free version and a Pro with many more features.

And, so far, a few tips to make our battery last us more. But remember, a smartphone is a pocket computer (much more than a phone) and, as such, requires a greater expenditure of energy. There are no miracles .

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