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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Tablets | 0 comments

TIVA Samsung Tab 3 [First Look]

TIVA Samsung Tab 3 [First Look]

Are we witnessing the first real tablet with Windows 8? If we understand as “real tablet” to a lightweight, thin and very portable as we have seen in many Android tablets. has managed to integrate in this format a PC with genuine Windows 8, not Windows RT as one might think at first, if not a full version of and it also integrates a full Office version for free , plans ahead of Microsoft in Windows 8.1.

When this subject first Tab 3 TIVA what really expect is turn on the screen and find Android, but no, there’s your Windows 8. As for what speed is concerned, I have not found many stability problems, though no doubt is somewhat limited in its hardware, some Office applications and Internet Explorer running at once did not have much difficulty in working.

TIVA Samsung Tab 3 [First Look] image 2

Samsung will sell this tablet to a public that can not really anticipate, mainly because Windows 8 expect to have a keyboard to write and work. But this will sell a separate accessory, a cover with a keyboard that is integrated into your body and it does not add many more millimeters thick.

I liked the format of TIVA Tab 3, but without doubt, without a keyboard connected Buetooth feels like something is missing to be as light and thin.

TIVA Samsung Tab 3 [First Look] image 3

Link: Samsung announces the with Windows 8

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