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Too many? These are all screen sizes on mobile devices Samsung offers

Too many?  These are all screen sizes on mobile devices Samsung offers

We are in week 24 of the year, has released no less than 26 devices, which gives an average of just over 1 team per week. Viewed in any way, Samsung is one of the most active – if not the most active – the entire technology industry.

Different teams, all with Android, which also used front panels of different sizes and resolutions. In fact, we are dealing with 26 different types of screens currently operated by the South Korean market. The following infographic prepared by “Which?” You can see the details of the devices launched by Samsung in the fourth quarter.

Too many?  These are all screen sizes on mobile devices Samsung offers image 2

Clearly one can identify the basis of the mass of the medium is directly related to the emphasis that South Korea is giving this segment the hand of its line, which is populated with numerous devices that seem to be phased developments that increase marginally processor speed and the size of the computer screen to reach iconic teams.

For some analysts, this could be very risky strategy because incurs a self-cannibalization of their own products and that could be confusing to customers. Some go further and say that it remains visible to the catalog of devices they have, and that makes the consumer at point of sale creates that all are equal, ignoring the variety and making room for other brand devices when making its decision cart.

This massive competitive mid-range, plus the saturation of high-end market with equivalent offers, would be the cause for which Samsung have decided to lower their expectations S4 Galaxy sales by 20 to 30 percent, something that would communicating to investors after an initial screening of 100 million units sold in a year.

Is this the right strategy? Time will tell.

Link: What do you make of Samsung’s 26 screens and counting mobile strategy? (PhoneArena)

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