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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Equipments, Operating Systems, Tablets | 0 comments

Top 3 of complaints about the Nexus 7

Top 3 of complaints about the Nexus 7

All teams who see the light eventually get detractors. Sometimes for no apparent reason, with so many reason to say “I do not buy it.” Here three complaints that keep the 7 of the wish list for this Christmas.

No output for TV

Connect the to your TV and watch videos of Yotube large screen, you can not. Nor can run applications that see on TV. Just like Vegas, what happens in the stays on the Nexus 7. If we get the device to the magic box, you’d better buy another tablet, like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

No flash runs

Flash, super friend, really knows how to run, but Flash, the famous animation program, has nothing to do in the Nexus 7 which, ultimately, can not with him. If you plan to match anywhere Webo Flash-based app, run to buy a Nexus 7! If, however, you want a tablet more warlike, here is the thing.

What you see is what you get

If you want something big, buy something big, do not try more. With this tablet no place aspirations: that memory is what will bring life without the possibility of expanding it with a MicroSD. 16 GB or 32 GB until death, or a better tablet, do you part. Of course this is quite relative and eventually people looking for life with some tricks to get what they want.

Which of the three problems you think the Nexus 7 most unforgivable of all?

Link: 3 Biggest Complaints 7 Android Tablet With Nexus. (TabletCrunch)

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