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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in SmartPhones | 0 comments

U.S. newspaper photographers fired their iPhone delivers each reporter

U.S. newspaper photographers fired their iPhone delivers each reporter

A good story written can be even better with a good photograph to capture the context and achieve more powerful transmit what the journalist wants to communicate. In this work enter professional photographers, people who – in many cases – study and practice many more years to achieve the necessary sensitivity for shooting that qualify to be integrated into publications. Many of them are journalists who took a turn for the chart, a very popular mix in media around the world.

It is therefore surprising that U.S. newspaper circulation is the biggest in the country – the Chicago Sun Times – has taken the drastic decision to sack the 28 and deliver Photo responsibility that accompany each note to reporters, who endowed with an and mobile classes in order to provide the necessary images for the newspaper.

“Photographers were dismissed presser of buttons, they were journalists and reliable members of their communities. Lot of them were deeply connected to areas of Chicago in ways that multimedia graduates in New York will never be,” said one of the photographers dismissed.

The newspaper, in a statement, said that it responds to a change in news consumption habit of the public. “Our audience is looking for more video content to their news. We have made ​​great progress to meet this demand, and we are focused on strengthening our reporting capabilities with video and other multimedia elements, “explained from the newspaper confirming that this led to the decision to cast all their photographers.

The iPhones delivered to journalists are not your property, because they keep the paper and will be confiscated if the professional was fired in the future.

Link: Chicago Sun-Times Photography Fires Staff, Reporters Hands iPhones (IntoMobile)

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