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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Rumors | 0 comments

Unique offer 3 × 1 in filtered images: Nokia, HTC, Sony

Unique offer 3 × 1 in filtered images: Nokia, HTC, Sony

Special offer for lovers of rumors! Tired of all that is said and not said in the mobile world is about Apple? Tired of waiting for a weird name be put strain into a benchmark? Look no further! Today we bring three models fakes filtered and possibly three fat brands: Nokia, HTC and Sony!

Surely something that opens the appetite geek: although we are hoping that Nokia launch anything until late autumn an ​​unknown gizmo was last seen in a photo this weekend. Some are already calling and say it is a phablet. Still, there’s nothing really informative beyond an image in which some cells are characteristic extras design, allegedly due to a larger screen than we are used to seeing.

What is speculation? Simple. This thing in the photo could be a hybrid of Nokia with a 1080p screen, so that additional row makes sense.

At the same time, HTC would have cast the model M4, which we have heard some things and we hope with devotion, as once we did with the thing you see is smaller grilles on the speakers and white frame design. The launch itself is quite rumored to mid-June and would become, for some, the competitor of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Finally, Sony loa firm would have reared the Togari, with 6.44 inch screen and which is really very little I could speculate that appear off and one of the company has never said anything about him.

Now, how is that three unknown mobile filter left in a movie? This is what makes us most doubt about its authenticity. People from CNET says that everything has originated from a Twitter account with just one day of existence, through which this photo was published we have with a pounding head, so it’s not that we launch to believe this could easily be a scam created by someone bored and Photoshop.

Link: Possible HTC M4 leaks, With Nokia Lumia 1030 and Sony Togari. (CNET)

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