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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Applications | 0 comments

Use Android applications on your PC

Use Android applications on your PC

Let’s talk about a program (still in beta but with full functionality) that will allow applications run on our computer, in a simple and free: BlueStacks.

First we will download the program from its official website . If during installation a message appears saying that the graphics card does not support this program, sorry. need a powerful card for a good performance, which is that the program will extend some graphics originally intended for much smaller screens.

We. Once we installed the program runs automatically. The first thing we do now is to download applications. We can do this in several ways: we can go to some app stores (Amazon app store, GetJar or Mobile Market). Unfortunately we can not yet download applications from the official Market, Google Play. But no problem, as discussed below.

Other options are to click on Popular Downloads option (and we will see the most popular applications), see the suggestions or use the search engine. Either way, we will download and install the apps chosen.

Now we will see a very interesting option: synchronize your smartphone apps with BlueStacks. We click on the upper dock, in the “Cloud Connect”, checked the email account that we downloaded the apps and our phone number. In both cases we receive a notice with a code in the mail, in addition, a link to unburden CloudConnect for your phone. The install, we introduce our data and mark the apps we want to use on your computer.

Finally, a couple of things. In BlueStacks go to Settings / Manage Applications and find the options to uninstall the app you want (delete), and we can also choose how to display between the default options, tablet, phone and large. When changing screen mode you must restart the application.

And that’s it, to enjoy our apps. What do you think? Did you think to try?

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