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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Operating Systems | 0 comments

Vulnerability exposed Galaxy S3

Vulnerability exposed Galaxy S3

There is no perfect and sooner or later someone with a long time and many skills find those hidden bugs. Recently released a security flaw in Kies Samsung, the company owning the tool that lets you synchronize and update the Smartphone. This flaw could theoretically allow malicious applications are installed on the user’s computer.

Revealed by Andre Moulu, explains that a legitimate application may be downloaded from the PlayStation Store and once installed it could “hijack” the permissions to install packages contained in Kies. Then, the malicious application could be free to install more applications without the user’s knowledge or can do something about it.

According to its discoverer, the was easy to find using a few lines of code. Apparently a common fault in many applications that come pre-installed in this type of equipment.

Of course, this is mixed with a patch and nothing happens, but in the interim, someone could do bad things. I wish that all companies who like to jam software (which nobody asked for) new phones, pay attention to this type of failure.

Link: Samsung Galaxy S3 Vulnerability Exposed – Kies Software To Blame (Phandroid)

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