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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Security | 0 comments

Want to protect your data? Buy an iPhone

Want to protect your data?  Buy an iPhone

For the record in the minutes that we do not say! This is stated by the of the United States who state, mobile security has become so impenetrable that even they “never outlawed spying on citizens’ are having many problems to “apply the law”

The technology blog of MIT (Massachusetts Intitute of Technology) reported a case where a Justice Department official was presented at a conference in Washington DC to explain to the audience as the is now so good that has become a problem for the Department of Justice.

“I can tell from the perspective of the department, if the storage system is encrypted, you’re toast” commented Ovie Carrll, lab director for cybercrime.

They explain that while, as sophisticated cryptography Apple is a headache for hackers and for agents who enforce the law, is not the only line of defense that has the operating system, the fact that the developers locked in a “sandbox” and isolate the rest of the operating system removes a lot of weaknesses that exist with older versions. Even the iPhone’s PIN is a major challenge and offer much protection against those who seek access to the device.

On the one hand it is good to know that our data is protected but the reality is that not everything within IOS devices is quite sure, I remember a flaw discovered in WhatsApp that allowed hackers to access certain data, similarly found faults within applications like Dropbox and Facebook. Of course, with an update may solve the fault, but when it works in patch some data is exposed.

The best protection is never taking his eyes off your phone, always update your passwords and not rely on strangers. are these people, sites or apps.

Link: DOJ: Want to make sure we can not access your private data? Buy an iPhone (BGR)

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