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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Applications, SmartPhones, Tablets | 0 comments

Warm up your Android with these Apps cleaning

Warm up your Android with these Apps cleaning

Let’s look at five apps that will help us clean our Android of those files “junk” that fill our little devices. There are apps miraculous that we solve our space problems, but it is always good to do some cleaning.

Basically all work the same way and there are few differences between them: scanned our device to locate other cookies and files from all applications you have installed and normally with a single click, you can eliminate it. We propose several options for you to choose the one that suits you, but you will see that they are all very similar.

Android System Cleaner

This application will clear the cache of all applications: browser history or search delas different applications like Google Play, system processes, etc.

Easy Cache Cleaner

As above, make a total caches. We have two display modes and can sort the data by size.

History Eraser

Related to the above: delete records, searches, clipboard, etc..

Smart Cleaner

Another one, with little differences with others.

App Cache Cleaner

The major difference of this app is that cleaning can schedule different time intervals. It also has other functions such as moving applications to the SD, installer and uninstaller, etc.

There are many more, including some “suites” of applications that perform multiple functions in addition to cleaning the cache, as Super Box which you use or what you? Do you seem to really practice these applications?

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